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Sage 100 2018.3: Accounts Receivable Changes

Every few months, Sage releases an update for their Sage 100 software which includes many useful changes and bug fixes to help your Sage 100 product run more efficiently. The most recent version, Sage 100 2018.3, includes many helpful changes to Accounts Receivable, including but not limited to:


  • Error “The Cash Receipts entry files are empty” no longer occurs when updating an A/R Cash Receipts batch where one deposit within the batch was transferred to a new batch.
  • Running the Credit Card Settlement Report no longer returns a communication error.
  • Printing the Credit Card Settlement report no longer returns a communication error (support for Error 20 AR_AgedInvoiceReport_rpt.pvc 386 is no longer occurred when previewing/printing the Accounts Receivable Aged Invoice Report.
  • Correct amount for discounts allowed and A/R GL accounts posted to GL shown on Sales Journal Recap by Division when printing/updating.
  • “Customer On Credit Hold” text font color is now red in Customer Maintenance version 2018.
  • Fix Error: “<Customer Number> is in use by another user and can only be viewed” in Price Level by Customer Maintenance
  • Error 47 CI_CustomerFormatter.pvc 100 is no longer occurred when entering cash receipts for Cash customer
  • Schedule text is not displayed over Exemption No text on Sales Order Invoice Data Entry Header panel when Sales Tax Reporting is disabled.
  • Fixed Error: “Payroll is not installed on this system” in AR Salesperson Maintenance when clicking Link button if Payroll is not installed.
  • Schedule text is no longer displayed over Exemption No text on Sales Order Invoice Data Entry Header panel when Sales Tax Reporting is disabled
  • The Error: “65 CI_AuditTracking.pvc 355” is not occurred when saving new credit card in customer maintenance with AR Audit tracking enabled.
  • The Cash Receipts records are updating to AR or Job Cost correctly.
  • Wrong amount for discounts are not allowed and AR GL accounts posted to GL shown on Sales Journal Recap by Division when printing/updating.

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Accounting Business Solutions by JCS offers a variety of Sage 100 support, training, and data repair services to assist you with any problems you may be having with Accounts Receivable in Sage 100 2018.  Our certified Sage 100 consultants have years of experience helping businesses just like yours maximize the efficiency of their Sage 100 software. To learn more about Sage 100 software, call us at 800-475-1047 or email us at Your success is our goal!

To download the Sage 100 2018.3 update, visit the Sage 100 2018 download portal here.