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What’s New in Quickbooks 2019

The highly anticipated Quickbooks 2019 software was released on September 17, 2018.  Quickbooks 2019 is full of helpful features which improve upon prior versions of Quickbooks software, including Quickbooks 2018 and Quickbooks 2017. Each week, we will be highlighting just a few of these new and improved Quickbooks 2019 features.

Quickbooks 2019 features include….

More reliable sick and vacation time tracking.

In the past, it was easy to overpay employees for sick and vacation benefits in Quickbooks Payroll. In Quickbooks 2019, Intuit has included a helpful warning when an employee has used up their sick or vacation time. In fact, the new pay stub format includes a column for accrued, used, and available sick and vacation time so that both employer and employee are clear on what has been used.

Inventory Enhancement

In prior Quickbooks versions, we often came across issues where the balance sheet did not match the Inventory Item Summary report. By default, the inventory item summary will not list inactive items, but the inventory total would include inactive items as shown in total on the balance sheet. In Quickbooks 2019, if you try to mark an inventory item inactive but it still has a quantity on hand balance, you will receive  an error message. Additionally, the Inventory Valuation Summary report now shows you which items you have inactivated.

Track Your Outstanding Invoices

The new version of Quickbooks now includes a consolidated snapshot of your invoices. It also allows you to check when your invoice has been viewed so you can follow up on A/R balances easily.

Transfer of Credits for Customers and Jobs

Quickbooks 2019 allows you to apply credit memos across all jobs rather than one specific job, saving you a ton of time and frustration. The new account is called “Account for credit transfer”  and is inactive and zeros out.



Are you interested in learning more about Quickbooks 2019 software? The certified Quickbooks ProAdvisors at Accounting Business Solutions by JCS offer Quickbooks support, training classes, data repair, and Quickbooks custom reports. To upgrade to Quickbooks 2019 or to learn more, call us at 800-475-1047 or email us at solutions@jcscomputer.com. Your success is our goal!