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How much does Sage 100 Cost?


Want to Learn the total cost of Sage 100? – ask for package pricing to include Sage 100 company upgrade or data migration. Sage 100 Pricing is based on the number of users and version you select to purchase. Free Demo Compare Sage 100 versions and pricing from real world consultants. Learn about the latest features and upgrade costs from Previous Sage MAS 90 and Sage Mas 200. Free month end checklist and more with purchase.


How much does Sage 100cloud Cost? Want to Learn the total cost of Sage 100cloud? – ask for package pricing to include Sage 100cloud company upgrade or data migration. Sage 100 Pricing is based on the number of users and version you select to purchase. Free Demo Compare Sage 100 versions and pricing from real world consultants. Learn about the latest features and upgrade costs from Previous Sage MAS 90 and Sage Mas 200. Free month end checklist and more with purchase.

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  • Choose the product that fits your business needs
  • Upgrade company data from older legacy versions
  • Customize Forms
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  • Master the advanced features

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How Much Does Sage 100cloud Cost?

When you’re looking to find out how much Sage 100clous costs, you must look at this robust accounting software from two perspectives:  Sage 100 value and Sage 100 pricing.

Sage 100 Value

Business accounting software’s value is measured by the results and returns you realize from it. In other words, its value shows up in the advantages it gives you as you manage your growing business. When assessing business accounting software – specially Sage 100 – you can learn how to identify its value by asking yourself:  Will I be able to easily leverage its features for faster and more profitable growth?

With its intuitive interface, Sage 100cloud can show you the answer to that question rather quickly. In other words, you will instantly recognize Sage 100’s value once you are introduced to Sage 100’s powerful features and functionality as they relate to your business accounting needs and challenges.

It becomes quite easy to calculate the value of Sage 100cloud once you discover the tremendous ROI available to Sage 100 users upon fully utilizing those features that are necessary for your small to medium size business’ accounting needs and processes.

Regardless of where you are in your search for Sage 100’s costs and value – either just getting started or close to purchasing Sage 100cloud – it is vital that you discover how much Sage 100 costs while also seeing how the amount you pay for Sage 100 ranks when compared to how much you will save in time, efficiency, and money.  This is the result of fully applying all of Sage 100’s features directly to your business’ accounting processes right from the beginning – as soon as you initiate your subscription.

Here is a sampling of the features of Sage 100 that your small to medium size business will benefit from quickly and significantly. 

Known for its user-friendly interface, Sage 100cloud allows you to experience savings from day 1. Those businesses that need to automate and free themselves of manual processes quickly discover how efficiently Sage 100cloud can pay for itself as they realize how much time they will save even as they’re learning how to fully apply its features.

One of the premiere features you’ll benefit from is Sage 100’s bundled modules. This popular Sage 100cloud feature allows you to customize how you integrate and use the entire system.   The vast range of core modules such as accounting and finance, and human resources and payroll, also include customer relationship management, business intelligence, and manufacturing and distribution. These modules assure you that you’ll thoroughly fulfill all of your accounting needs, preferences, and processes.

To achieve the highest possible returns, you must get the best price. This is why – as you are researching Sage 100cloud pricing – reaching out to Accounting Business Solutions by JCS is an important step in your process. This is the step that will assure you that you’re getting the best pricing and promotional offers for Sage 100 and be on track for gaining the greatest value that this scalable business accounting software has to offer.

Now, let’s take a closer look at how Sage 100cloud pricing enhances Sage 100’s value.

Sage 100cloud Pricing

Sage 100cloud is a subscription-based platform. That’s the one aspect of Sage 100’s pricing that is consistent. In other words, Sage 100 offers a variety of subscription plans that are primarily determined by how many and how much –  how many users and how much of Sage 100’s robust functionality you will need and fully benefit from.

The cost you will pay for Sage 100 is determined by a variety of drivers; among them are:    

Length of subscription – While Sage 100 is priced primarily by annual subscription, you can also purchase a Sage 100 monthly subscription or 3-year subscription plan.

Number of usersSage 100 subscription rates (i.e. “Bundle packages”) range from 1- 5 users to 15-26 users. This is one of the ways Sage 100’s pricing allows your business to grow while naturally growing into Sage 100’s heightened features and functionality.

Type of Bundle – Each subscription level per number of users is also available in different Bundles. While you can customize your Bundle to certain extents, in general, for 1-5 and 6-10 users, you can purchase either the Sage 100 Essentials Bundle, the Sage 100 Advanced Bundle, the Sage 100 Complete Bundle, or the  Complete Plus Bundle.  The Complete Plus + Sage Manufacturing Base is also available for 5-10 users and 15-26 users.

Volume of data – The amount of data that you need to convert will also have an effect on the price you pay for Sage 100. For example, you may limit your data to vendors and balances, or you may have a need for more detailed G/L history.  This aspect of Sage 100 sheds light on one of its most popular features – due to the way data is laid out, all transactions are recorded and easily reported.


Customization and training requirements – This Sage 100 pricing factor illustrates the importance of accessing professional consultative guidance upfront – ideally before you make your purchase. In order to pay the best initial price for Sage 100, it’s worthwhile to conduct a focused assessment of precisely what you will need and how you can best apply Sage 100’s features to your business accounting needs and processes.

It’s also recommended to explore specific aspects of your current and future accounting needs by speaking with a Sage 100 technical support professional before purchasing a specific Sage 100cloud subscription plan.

For example, will you need to set up custom workflows or carry over a chart of accounts that already exists? Or, will it be more cost-effective to create new charts?

And, depending on your technical experience and expertise – as well as that of your staff accountants who will also be using Sage 100 – you may need training.  This can affect your cost but if you get the proper, dedicated training, this cost will quickly be absorbed by the time you save and productivity you increase.

Or, will you need any of the following:

Custom programming or report writing?

Additional modules that aren’t included such as job cost or payroll modules?

Third party tools like time keeping or fixed assets?

How do I get the greatest value and the best price for Sage 100cloud?

By now it’s probably quite evident that purchasing Sage 100 is a wise decision for those who have a solid understanding of its capabilities as they relate to their business’ current level and desired growth. When fully understood and utilized, Sage 100’s user-friendly features can convert the small to medium size business’ desired growth into realized growth.

This is the basis for consistently getting the greatest value from Sage 100. To get the best price for Sage 100, you must be determined to discern its value as you compare it to the price you will pay for the Sage 100 subscription you select.   And work with a certified Sage 100 professional throughout this process.

How do I get the best ROI based upon Sage 100 pricing?

Accounting Business Solutions by JCS specializes in assuring that each customer gets the best promotional price while also continuously benefiting from the value of the business accounting software and subscription pricing plan deemed most suitable for their business.

The operative phrase is “deemed most suitable”. This shows the two-fold advantage that your relationship with Accounting Business Solutions by JCS brings you:

We will first get to know you, your business, your current practices and processes, as well as your future growth potential and projections. This will help us determine which of Sage 100’s subscription plans is best suited for not only what you need today but will also need as you grow.

We transform business accounting software into business solutions and our experience has shown that when you do the same, your business will grow. And this type of growth isn’t solely in terms of increased revenue, it means increased profits, productivity, and efficiency.

This is our specialty and it is measured by the ROI each customer realizes – continuously and concurrently as the business grows. And, as your business grows, so too will our relationship as your accounting challenges and demands expand and the time comes to upgrade.

To experience how Sage 100 brought to you by Accounting Business Solutions by JCS delivers the efficiency, productivity, profits, and ROI you’re seeking, give us a call or send us an email today!

Our experienced Sage Master Consultant certified professionals are available to show you the promotional prices we offer as we guide you through the process of discovering Sage 100’s cost-effective features, benefits, and advantages and how they will best serve you.

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