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How much does Sage 50 Cost?

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How much does Sage 50 Cost – Discover the total cost of Sage 50? – ask for package pricing to include upgrade or data migration. Sage 50 Pricing is based on the number of users and version you select to purchase. Free Demo Compare Sage 50 versions and pricing from real world consultants. Learn about the latest features and upgrade costs from Previous versions of Sage Peachtree. Free month end checklist and more with purchase.

Find Sage 50 cost - How much does Sage 50 Cost? Want to Learn the total cost of Sage 50? – ask for package pricing to include Sage 50 company upgrade or data migration. Sage 50 Pricing is based on the number of users and version you select to purchase. Free Demo Compare Sage 50 versions and pricing from real world consultants. Learn about the latest features and upgrade costs from Previous Sage Peachtree. Free month end checklist and more with purchase.

How Much Does Sage 50 Cost?

When searching for how much business accounting software costs, you must view it from two perspectives. This is especially true when exploring the cost of Sage 50. These perspectives are: Sage 50 value and Sage 50 pricing.

Sage 50 Value

Value relates to the quality and quantity of the business accounting software’s advantages it provides your business.  You will instantly recognize Sage 50’s value once you understand that it can be ideal for small businesses and growing businesses. Typically, those small businesses that start out with Sage 50 become growing businesses very quickly. In case you were wondering how Sage 50 can impact a small business’ growth, here’s a brief overview of Sage 50’s value   relative to the price you will pay for Sage 50.

Sage 50 Pro, Sage 50 Premium, and Sage 50 Quantum are widely recognized as the premiere business accounting software applications in the Sage Accounting offerings. Known for high performance, Sage 50 is also very fast so you can access your business information efficiently and conveniently.

Comprehensive and designed for cloud-connected productivity, compliance, and security, Sage 50cloud, in particular is popular largely because of its profitability tracking, customized reporting through Microsoft Excel, automated bank reconciliation, cash flow forecasting, and advanced inventory tracking.  These are the main features that initially attract small business owners – many of whom begin suing Sage 50cloud at the starting price. However, once new users become familiar with and accustomed to Sage 50’s features and functionality, they quickly recognize that Sage 50 is priced for profitability and growth.

Double-entry accounting and internal accounting checks are two of its most impressive features in its vast feature set that allow you quickly and easily access the information you immediately need.  Paired with advanced analytics and robust reporting, Sage 50 assures you that your productivity accelerates concurrently with your daily demands.

This is Sage 50’s value.  Now take a look at how Sage 50’s value relates directly to Sage 50’s pricing.  

Sage 50 Pricing

Sage 50 offers 3 pricing plans. These 3 plans allow small businesses the opportunity to affordably grow without experiencing any of the accounting system disruptions that typically occur during growth phases.

The Sage 50 Pro Plan is offered to small businesses with a single user. Sage 50 Quantum also offers an entry level plan for 1-5 users.  This pricing structure makes it easy to become accustomed to Sage 50 as your business grows. This means that when it’s time for more users, you can upgrade to the Sage 50 Premium pricing Plan, which supports up to five users or the Sage 50 Pro Quantum pricing plan which accommodates 6-10 users.

When your business reaches the point where your accounting needs, demands, and processes become more sophisticated and you increase the number of users, Sage 50 offers the Quantum plan that supports up to 40 users.

Sage 50 pricing options show that as your business grows and your accounting needs increase in volume and sophistication, Sage 50’s performance grows accordingly.  And the pricing is always relative to your revenue. As your business expands, so too does your revenue; Sage 50’s affordable pricing scale is strategically structured to be commensurate with your budget and revenue.

So, the best way to figure out how much Sage 50 costs is not to just look at how much you will pay for Sage 50 but how much of this dynamic software package you should buy; at least initially. By paying only for what you will need and use, you are able to experience how much you will  save you in time, money, and efficiency as you grow into fully applying its functionality to your business accounting processes.   As you realize more and more savings, you’ll recognize that Sage 50 is an investment, not an expense – at every level in your business’ growth.

Let’s explore that further.

How do I get the greatest value and the best price for Sage 50?

Sage 50 Quantum’s price to value ratio is shown in its robust features. Among them are:

Speed – renowned for providing the fastest processing speeds, Sage 50 Quantum will not only keep up with your pace, it will likely increase it.

Date set management – Recognized for its quality of large, multiple data set management,  the speed and ease that Sage 50 Quantum brings to managing customer, inventory, and vendor data sets, assures users that they made the right purchasing decision when they chose Sage 50 Quantum.

User accommodation – Regardless of whether your users are local or remote, all named users from 1- 40 (depending on your plan) are fully accommodated.

No more manual manipulation – Just think about the time you spend when you manually input or manipulate tax table data. Now, think about the time you save when this task is automated for you. And when you save time, you are either saving or making money. These savings cover the cost of Sage 50 Quantum.

Sage 50 offers a comparable price to value ratio; Here is a sampling of how:

Full access to all of its features  – whether you use the vertical navigation bar or its drop-down menu, once you login to Sage 50cloud you will immediately see all of its functions and features and discover your new capabilities.

Integrate with Microsoft Office 365 – providing remote access

Manage all vendor information including 1099 settings while also managing all customer and sales activities – from quotes and orders to invoices and the option to “receive money”

Inventory tracking includes products on hand and product levels committed to purchase orders and proposals.

Speed – The feature of Sage 50cloud, like  Sage 50 Quantum, that you’ll notice first and most profoundly is its speed – not only in how fast you will be able to access vital company information but also how quickly you will realize your return on your investment.

Expanding as your needs and demands expand, Sage 50 accounting software enables business owners and managers to increase profits by noticeable margins. By being able to efficiently, accurately assess your business performance, your awareness of how and where you’ve grown and how and where you can continue to grow become readily apparent.

Now, let’s take a look at how the time, efficiency and productivity savings that Sage 50  accounting software offers translate to recouping the cost of Sage 50 while generating  revenue.

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It becomes quite easy to calculate the price of Sage 50 once you grasp the ROI you will realize upon applying its features to your business accounting processes and needs. And to get the highest ROI, you must get the best price. This is why your next step in getting the best Sage 50  pricing information and promotional offers is to reach out to Accounting Business Solutions by JCS!

Sage 50 offers efficient and solid accounting tools and a one-size fits all accounting system. If you are not sure how Sage 50 can pay for itself quickly and seamlessly as it meets and surpasses your small business or growing business accounting needs, Accounting Business Solutions by JCS can show you how.


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As an example of how and why our services are especially vital, consider this: While Sage 50cloud is ideal for small businesses on track for growth, Sage 50cloud pricing does not offer a free version or a free trial.


This is not a downside.  You simply need to prepare to get the best value for the price from your Sage 50cloud purchase. The best way to do this – to make sure you get the most value, productivity, and return on Sage 50cloud – is to learn how to access and apply all of its features properly, efficiently, and thoroughly right away. Accounting Business Solutions by JCS specializes in ramping new Sage 50 users up in just this manner for just this reason.


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